MYDNS Addresses Shooting Incident at the Persto Praesto Youth Development and Apprenticeship Centre

At approximately 12:35AM, on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, there was a shooting incident at the Persto Praesto Youth Development and Apprenticeship Centre.

At the time of the incident two security officers were on duty when they observed two masked men approaching the facility. The men asked for a drink of water and the officers indicated they had none
available. At that moment the men pointed firearms at the officers and fired multiple shots in their direction.

The MYDNS has been notified that one security officer sustained gunshot wounds to her left calf area and the other was grazed on the buttocks. They were both treated at the Couva District Health
Facility, the security officer that was grazed on the buttocks was discharged on said day while the other was transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital where she is awaiting surgery.

The MYDNS views this incident very seriously and will be assessing ways to ensure a secured environment at our facilities for all employees, service providers and visitors.

A thorough investigation is underway by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.